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Come join us and create your own lasting memories.

Come join us for truly great South Dakota pheasant hunting!

Our pheasant hunts are conducted in rural Brule, Buffalo and Charles Mix counties, known nationally for some of the best pheasant hunting available today.  You will have the best of thousands of acres of private land with a great population of pheasants. The types of cover are CRP grasses, corn, milo, food plots, and tree or shelter belts. 

 Depending on the size of your group, weather, and what part of the season you are here, we usually hunt in a traditional block and walk manner.
If your group has dogs, we have plenty of cover to work.  One thing's for sure, they'll get plenty of action.  All we ask is your dog comes when he's called and you keep him in your gun range. (that way your friends stay your friends)
If you dont have dogs of your own our dogs are titled pointing Labradors that are great hunting companions. If you enjoy hunting behind a great dog but dont have one, you will have a great time.
Red Label Guide Service has built our reputation on safety, hospitality, and great hunting.  If you are looking for a corporate hunt, rest assured we will treat your group professionally as well as one of the family.  We will do our best to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Before the hunt we have a safety discussion every morning. The same rules we've had for over two decades are thoroughly discussed. We also bring out the play board and discuss the game plan before each drive. We like to be sure everyone feels comfortable and understands what the objective is. 

We will do everything we can to show your group a great and safe time that will have them wanting to return.  

So, whether you hunt the opening week end in October

Mid November,

or our last hunt in December,

Rest assured that our properties are not over hunted and managed to have great pheasant hunting all season long.
Our hunts follow all state rules. Season dates are the third Saturday of October to the end of December. We do not operate a preserve, so be ready for action and smart birds.
Before each hunt, we have a safety meeting. Your input and safety are extremely important to us. Red Label Guide Service requires orange hats and safety glasses.
References available from all parts of the nation.
Below is a note "Jim" sent after his first hunt with a group of 12 men.

21 December 2012
Scott and Eric Olson
Red Label Guide Service
PO Box 133
Corsica, SD 57328

Dear Scott and Eric,
The first week in December was one of the most fun times I have had in a long time. This was the first time I have ever hunted outside the state of Wisconsin and the Red Label Guide Service made it a time to remember.
The effort you both put into making it a successful hunt for everyone and your attention to safety and the details of the hunt were fantastic. We all saw pheasants and everyone had the opportunity to shoot them or drive the pheasants so others could shoot them.
Of all the things I saw and learned that week the most memorable was watching how your labs would point pheasants and stay locked in place even as you pushed the pheasants out right from under their noses to get them to flush for us to shoot. And after the pheasant was shot watching them locate the downed birds retrieve them was even more impressive. This displayed the attention to breeding and training that goes into all the dogs we watched work from your kennel.
I look forward to returning to your lodge again to hunt pheasants and enjoy the company of you and the rest of the hunters that were a part of that week.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
James J. Denis

Red Label Guide Service, PO Box 133, Corsica, SD 57328    605-680-0588    redlabelgs@hotmail.com


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